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Life Through Hudson's Eyes

Hudson's life after his Osteosarcoma diagnosis.

Life Through Hudson's Eyes

Post Surgery Days 2 and 3

April 21st, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hi Everyone!

I was feeling a little sleepy yesterday, so I thought I could just combine my pupdates of post surgery days 2 and 3 together!

Yesterday I got to spend the majority of the day with my Eddy because he got to work from home (my Mommy had to go in to work. Boo!). I spent most of the day taking long naps. I only really got up for kibbies, and the occasional time to use the potty.

But, around 6:00pm my Mommy finally came home, and it was time to use up some of that stored energy from all the sleeps. All three of us had a fun play with all my toys. It was a blast! Then, to calm me down again, my pawrents gave me a yummy chew. I must have been chewing that for an hour. It lasted so long! Maybe it seemed to last so long because I had a hard time getting a good grip on it (using only one paw is very difficult).

Then, not long after I finished my chew, it was time for my bedtime walk. Everyone was amazed by how well I was getting around so quick after surgery. Strangers were giving me all sorts of compliments and pats. It felt so nice. My Mommy told me I looked so handsome last night, so I let her take a photo with me. I think I don’t look half bad, all things considered.

After my bedtime pee, it wasn’t long until I settled back for another much needed beauty sleep. All in all it was a very restful day, which I am sure my fellow Tripawds would say is a good thing.

Day 3 started much the same as yesterday. Except…when I went on my morning walk… I POOPED 2 TIMES!!!! This is especially exciting because I haven’t done this since I came home. I felt so good that Mommy had to try and stop me from doing the happy poop dance.

When we got back in from my morning walk, I got real sleepy again and napped for the majority of the morning and early afternoon. Today, it was my Mommy who stayed home to work. She made sure I got constant love, in between sleepy times, and occasionally applied a cold pack to some swollen spots on my chest.

Throughout the day Mommy paid close attention to the spread of my bruising and fluid build up, as this was something that had increased rapidly since the previous night. She ended up calling my Dr. to go in for a check-up just to be sure (I think she might be a little worried about me, given everything that has happened). Eddy came home a little early to help me get in the car. He sat in the back with me to help me keep my balance, as I don’t like lying down in the car on small car rides.

When the Dr. came in he had all sorts of pads and bandages in his hand. I gave them a good sniff, and they didn’t seem so bad. So, I let him put on the bandages. He said that should help hold the fluid closer to my belly/chest to help my body reabsorb it. I really like my new bandage because it provides a cushy pillow over my stitches. Now, it doesn’t hurt so much when I lay on that side.

I got a little worked up at the Dr. So, when I got home I was exhausted and got right back to resting. Not long after that I was out for my bedtime walk (POOPED AGAIN!!), and now I am tucked back into bed for another long sleep. I hope tomorrow my swelling goes down. My Mommy and Eddy have noticed a little change in me today from my other two recovery days. I have been yelping a bit more often. But, I hope these temporary moments of pain start to reduce in frequency as I continue on my journey to recovery.

Talk to you all again tomorrow.

Love, Hudson.

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Back with the Pack

April 19th, 2018 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hi fans, friends, loved ones, and fellow tripawd community.

Today ended up being a fantastic day, for I got to reunite with my pack after my sleepover at the Dr.’s. Man was I excited to see their faces and smell that comforting aroma of family. The pack united again. But, I am getting ahead of myself…

This morning I woke up, after a much needed long rest, to my first full day as a tripawd. And boy, it was a piece of cake getting around. I had all the technicians and vets smiling and awed at how quickly I adapted to my new body. My Mommy and Eddy called the Dr.’s office right after they woke up this morning, and they were telling them how I had just come in from a venture to the bathroom (a total success, by the way), and had a happy smile on, my tail swishing back and forth. I think if this was a test at school, I would have gotten an A+, and the award for best behaved and fastest recovering pooch!

I continued to be monitored throughout the day by the friendly staff, putting smiles on their faces in between my naps.

Then, finally the time came to be reunited with my pawrents. In order to prepare to see them there were a few hurdles to overcome. First, I wasn’t too excited about getting my IV removed. So, those clever techs had me snatching for treats while they did their dirty work and removed it before I could protest further. Next, they had me put on my Batman shirt, mainly because it looks adorable, but also to decrease the shock for my Mommy and Eddy.

Then, one hop after the other, I darted my way out of the surgery room, through the staff desks and into the exam room, where my pawrents awaited me with open arms and smiles. I think I amazed them with just how steady I was getting around, like it was no big deal.

Before I knew it we were outside and in the car for the long awaited car ride to my favourite place, home. All this excitement took a lot out of me, so I napped and dreamed the whole way home. I felt so comfortable and at peace with my Mommy’s arm always on me.

When we did finally get home, I just couldn’t contain how pumped I was to be back with all of my toys. Mommy and Eddy let me gently play with my ball and dragons. It was the best time! But, all that excitement got the better of me, and the reality of how exhausted my new body was, took hold, and I was down for the count for the rest of the evening.

And, oh, I almost forgot! When I went out for my bedtime pee, guess who I saw??? My buddy Kora!! Her Mommy was pretty quick to scoop her up, probably because I am not quite ready for the tackles that we usually have when we see each other, but it was still so exciting to see her again.

Now, it is time to have another much needed long sleep. Goodnight!

Love, Hudson.

P.S. Sorry for letting my Mommy take over my post yesterday. Sometimes she can get sappy. I wont let it happen again 😛


Surgery Day

April 18th, 2018 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized


Hi there!

Today started like only 3 days ever have before in my life. No food, no water, no chews. Although my Mommy and Eddy still woke up happy and excited to see me, giving me pats all over like normal, I knew something was different. I tried my best to remind them that I was hungry and needed my kibbies, but they wouldn’t budge. When my Mommy didn’t give me the tiny bit of cheese she always does in the morning, I had a hunch I was going to the Dr.

I tried to keep everyones spirits up by having a few last plays with my dragons and balls, but, eventually the time came, when my overnight bag was packed, to face the day ahead, whatever it might entail. I must be brave for my Mommy and Eddy and show them I am not scared. I will just be happy to be rid of this pain in my paw.

It was a rainy day outside when we walked to the car, so my pawrents made me wear this ridiculous plastic bag/Ziploc baggy combo over my bandage on my right leg, to make sure it didn’t get soaked. I felt pretty silly, but I have to hand it to them, it worked.

We then got in the car, all buckled up our seat belts (me included in my seat belt harness!), and hit the road for a 1.5 hour drive to the Dr. When we got there I had a much needed bathroom break before walking in there proud as could be, excited for all the animal smells.

When I got in the pre-surgery exam room I got a little nervous. But my Mommy and Eddy made sure to keep my spirits up by patting me all over and giving me encouragements. They never stopped smiling, and they seemed so brave it gave me courage for the day ahead.

Then, after the surgeon had a brief chat with the pawrents, it was time for me to go out back to the surgery spot. When the technician took me I bravely walked out of the exam room, my tail held high and wagging (I was pretty excited to see all the puppies and kitties back there!).

From there, I will let my Mommy take the lead on the rest of my post today, as I haven’t been able to tell her how my day has been. Take it away Mommy!

Love, Hudson.

Huddy’s Mom:

I wish with all my might that I could be like Hudson. Living in the moment, not dreaming of the future, or having regrets about the past. But sadly, I am human.

Today, for me, started with fitful sleep, waking at all hours of the night, nervous with the anxiety of the day ahead. When the alarm finally rang, I put on a good “battle-day” face for Huddy, never wanting to show him how scared I was.

The second Hudson was out of my sight going out to the surgery ward I finally let out how sad I truly am for this day to come. I spent several minutes crying before I could wipe the tears away and head back to the car, to leave my beautiful boy behind, never to see him whole again.

This truly sucks. This isn’t fair. Hudson doesn’t deserve this diagnosis. No dogs or beings do. Huddy is a truly great dog, of only 1 year and 9 months old. Why him?

It is really easy to get hung up on how truly terrible this situation is, but it doesn’t help. The only thing that is getting me through these truly tough days is knowing that I am doing the best I can for Hudson given the circumstances. The main beacon of light through this nightmare of a change in reality, is that with amputating his leg, and freeing him of this pain, he will be able to play with his friends, and seize the day once again.

Love, Erica.

Surgery update: Hudson had a “textbook” surgery and is recovering well under 24-hour observance.



Last Day with 4 Legs

April 17th, 2018 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

Hi again!

Today was my last full day on 4 legs. And don’t worry, I am not upset about it. I spent today like I hope to spend most of my days on 3 legs, being a goof and loving life.

This morning started like most Monday mornings. After kibbies (om nom nom) my Eddy took me out for my morning walk. When I got back I helped Mommy prep breakfasts and lunches for her and Eddy for work. She always sneaks me a few pieces of carrot and a tiny nibble of cheese. She’s pretty great. Then like most mornings that my pawrents have to work, they filled my crate with my favourite chews, a slurp of water, and a handful of kibbies in my little treat ball. I then settled down for a much needed pre-surgery day nap.

Before I knew it Mommy and Eddy were back from work, and the real fun was ready to be had. First we went for a family walk around the block. Right away we bumped into one of my best buds, Kora! I didn’t think I would see her for ages. We both tried to tackle each other like usual, but our pawrents only let us sniff and lick each other.

When we got back from our walk I was pumped to play with all my toys. I squeaked a whole bunch on my new ball, played duelling dragons with my stuffies, chewed on my new bones, and thrashed around my snake toy. I made my pawrents laugh lots and they joined in on most of the play. It was the best time.

My mommy also made me some super cool one armed t-shirts for after my surgery. So pumped to show these off.

Now I am tucked in for a much needed pre-surgery sleep. I know tomorrow I am going to have to be really brave, but it will be worth it to no longer be in pain.

I am ready to be a Tripawd!

Love, Huddy.



The Weekend After my Diagnosis

April 16th, 2018 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

Hello again!

This weekend was not only my first weekend after my diagnosis with Osteosarcoma, but also is my last weekend on four legs. For some this may sound sad, but for me, this weekend was awesome! I got to see so many of my favourite people. And boy, did they all spoil me!

First, on Friday I was visited by my brother, Koda’s, mom. I asked her over and over where my brother was, but she said that he couldn’t come see me until I was feeling better. I guess that makes sense, but I still miss him lots and lots. Koda did, however, send me an amazing care package and card! He even got me another stuffed dragon (my fav!). Everything smelled a little like him, and it cheered me up so much. I had a hard time containing my excitement, so I ran around and played with my new toys a bit, even though it hurt my leg.

Next, on Saturday, I got to sleep in extra long with my Eddy. Boy did we both need a long sleep. After we woke up I was extra energized and played a whole bunch with my new toys from my brother. He got me this one ball that squeaks even at the lightest clench of my jaw. It is super loud. It made my Mommy and Eddy laugh and smile to see me making happy squeak songs with my new spiky ball.

After I got a bunch of my morning crazies out, my Mommy and Eddy made me do something really brave. I had to let them change my bandage on my hurt leg. Now, I am proud to show it off because it is turquoise, and I think it suits me.

Later that night I got to see my Blair! I had no idea he was coming to see me. I was so excited, my bum wiggled in every direction. I didn’t get to see him for long, but I was so glad for the visit.

On Sunday I got spoiled even more! Can you believe it? First, my auntie H came to see me. My leg was hurting quite a bit today, so she came over to my bed and her, my Mommy and Eddy gave me loads of pats all over. She then gave me the biggest bone I have ever had. It rocked!

Later that afternoon my friend Kora’s Mom and Dad came to say hi. They also brought me the coolest care package. One of the chews was this big horn. It is so fun to chew; I like the way it curls and I can hold onto it with my paw.

All in all I had one of my best weekends on record! Although my leg started hurting more and my limp got worse, I was so happy to get to see so many of my favourite people. I can’t wait for this pain to go away so I can get back to playing with my favourite dogs.